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Sat 14:05 - SS16: Sordo
4.9sec off Ogier's pace. "It was okay. A little bit difficult with the changing grip. We didn't feel we pushed too hard but the time is not so bad compared to the others."

Sat 14:03 - SS16: Ostberg
9.3sec slower than Ogier. "The stage is mainly gravel. The beginning is quite icy, but after that it's gravel with snow either side. My goal now is to hold this position."

Sat 14:00 - SS16: Neuville
5.2sec off Ogier's pace and he's straight out to look at his car's right-hand side. "We have a broken damper." His jump over Colin's Crest is a record-matching 44 metres. These things might be related.

Sat 13:56 - SS16: Mikkelsen
4.1sec slower than Ogier. "This stage was clean. I took it a bit steady after my moment on the previous one."

Sat 13:53 - SS16: Ogier
He's through in 12m48.8s. "Pushing hard in there - some moments." There is a chunk missing from his car's right-rear wheel.

Sat 13:41 - SS16: Ogier
Caught on the helicopter camera: a MASSIVE moment for Ogier on a long right-hander 1km from the start. Somehow he gets it back under control. It's going to cost him a second or two.

Sat 13:37 - Up next: SS16
The repeat of Vargåsen and a second punt at Colin's Crest. Ogier's start time: 1338hrs. Watch it LIVE on WRC

Sat 13:36 - Sweden WRC2
after SS14 1.Evans 1h41m46.5s, 2.Tidemand +28.3s, 3.Ahlin +1m17.6s, 4.Grondal +1m29.3s, 5.Lappi +2m10.7s. Ahlin up to 3rd

Sat 13:29 - Sweden after SS14
1.Ogier 1h37m37.0s, 2.Paddon +10.2s, 3.Ostberg +33.3s, 4.Mikkelsen +1m03.0s, 5.Tanak +1m13.6s. Mikkelsen spins

Sat 13:24 - SS14: WRC 2 Lappi
Quickest in WRC 2, two-tenths up on his Skoda team-mate Tidemand. "A big surprise to be honest. I'm not feeling so great, my eyes and my head hurt."

Sat 13:22 - SS14: Brynildsen
"I did a big mistake, I forgot to take off the engine blanking before the stage and the engine overheated near the end."

Sat 13:20 - SS14: WRC 2 Tidemand
Fastest so far, 3.7sec up on Evans, and the Welshman's lead is trimmed slightly 28.3sec. "It feels like its not possible to do much more. A good stage, I really enjoyed it."

Sat 13:18 - SS14: WRC 2 Grondal
15sec slower than Evans and he slips behind Ahlin to fourth. "I was expecting that. Not good. The feeling is not there and the confidence is not there. The car is fine. It's me."

Sat 13:16 - SS14: WRC 2 Ahlin
2.7sec quicker than Evans.

Sat 13:15 - SS14: WRC 2 Evans
"A strange feeling at the rear of the car here. We need to go and have a look."

Sat 13:14 - SS14: Latvala
1.7sec up on Meeke and that's another stage win for Jari-Matti. "A good time, the fastest Rämmen I have ever done. It must be nearly a 130kph average. The car feels great. The set-up we did in the test was absolutely right."

Sat 13:12 - SS14: Meeke
Fastest so far, 3.6sec up on Ogier. "Very hard to know how the road will develop. I enjoyed it. We recced this one on full gravel. A mixture of gravel and in here now."

Sat 13:08 - SS14: Al Rajhi
"It was good. Some places we focused, some places I didn't drive well. My relationship with this car is not yet friendly but we are trying."

Sat 13:06 - SS14: H. Solberg
Locked in a close battle for sixth with Sordo, Henning is kicking himself at the finish. "The car stalled on the start and I couldn't get it going for ages! We lost about five seconds." The gap between them now 6.1sec in Sordo's favour.

Sat 13:02 - SS14: Breen
Sixth quickest so far. "Not so bad. Quite a bad feeling with the rear right, maybe I lost some studs, I don't know, but we have to be happy. Still building my experience."

Sat 12:59 - SS14: Al Qassimi
"There is more gravel here. Our notes could have been faster."

Sat 12:56 - SS14: Paddon
Up and down to Ogier on the splits, he ends 1.4sec slower. "I was expecting more but Seb's obviously pushing. We were never going to catch him on speed alone and the conditions didn't come to us on this stage. We're trying to keep it smooth and steady and look after our tyres a bit too."

Sat 12:54 - SS14: Tanak
15.7sec off Ogier's pace, but now just 10.6sec behind Mikkelsen in the standings. But that's no cause for celebration in the Tanak wagon. "Everyone knows it's not our day today. We can't do any more."

Sat 12:49 - SS14: Sordo
11.3sec slower than Ogier. "Seb is really fast. Our stage was okay. We didn't take so many risks and the time is not so great."

Sat 12:47 - SS14: Ostberg
Second quickest so far, 5.2sec slower than Ogier. "I pushed as hard as I could. Okay, Seb is faster but what can I do?" Ostberg more secure in third now following Mikkelsen's spin - the gap between them 19.7s.

Sat 12:43 - SS14: Neuville
8.3sec slower than Ogier. "Quite a lot of grip on the stage. I tried to enjoy it. Looking at Seb's time he's done very well. I could see from the lines in the road that someone ahead went very wide!"

Sat 12:41 - SS14: Mikkelsen
24.9sec slower than Ogier and his car is spattered with mud. What happened? "A pace note was too positive, not 100 per cent accurate. We slid off and had to turn around. We lost a lot of time. That's it. If I had any chance to fight for third I had to do it here."

Sat 12:37 - SS14: Ogier
He completes in 11m08.5s. "It was completely flat out. I took so many risks. Great fun. I can say that absolutely I have done my best. Let's see."

Sat 12:28 - Stage info: SS14
Rämmen 2, 22.76km. The second-longest stage of the rally, Rammen's wide roads and flat-out straights make it one of the fastest. Early in the test the road skirts the edge of Lake Holmsjön and follows the shores of another lake later on. Four uphill open hairpins near the midpoint calm the pace.

Sat 11:46 - Up next: SS14
The Rämmen stage gets underway at 1224hrs. We'll take a live text break until then.

Sat 11:44 - Regroup quote: Paddon
On what overnight lead he would need to beat Ogier on Sunday. "He's definitely got the upper hand in terms of speed. So to be really safe I reckon you need 10 seconds."

Sat 11:41 - Regroup quote: Paddon
On being the new favourite to win this rally: "I don't know about that, it's far from over. I think we can take some time [from Seb] on the next one, apparently there's more fresh snow there, but the second time through Vargåsen won't be the same. Okay, maybe we're not the fastest overall this weekend but we're making the most of our position."

Sat 11:36 - Regroup quote: Ogier
On his time loss in Vargåsen: "I was happy with my driving, but I knew the conditions would cost me. There was a huge evolution in the road. The fastest time in there was almost 40 seconds quicker than mine. I do my best - but I cannot do more."

Sat 11:32 - Up next: Regroup & tyres
Crews are in Hagfors for today's midpoint regroup. Here they will take on fresh tyres and probably a cup of soup and a sandwich.

Sat 11:29 - Sweden WRC2
after SS12 1.Evans 1h30m05.3s, 2.Tidemand +32.0s, 3.Grondal +1m14.4s, 4.Ahlin +1m20.3s, 5.Brynildsen +2m06.5s

Sat 11:19 - SS12: WRC 2 update
Tidemand takes the stage win in WRC 2, 10.7sec quicker than second quickest Evans. Ahlin is third fastest. Bergkvist loses more than a minute to the leaders. Rendina and Van den Heuvel both stopped in stage.

Sat 11:13 - Sweden after SS12
1.Ogier 1h26m28.5s, 2.Paddon +8.8s, 3.Ostberg +28.1s, 4.Mikkelsen +38.1s, 5.Tanak +57.9s. Ostberg up to 3rd

Sat 11:11 - SS12: Latvala
Another new fastest time - 9.5sec up on Meeke - but after his driveshaft problems on day one he's almost 17m off the lead

Sat 11:00 - SS12: Meeke
A new fastest time, 4.7sec up on Paddon. He also bags the furthest Colin's Crest flight so far: 43 metres. "What can I say? A rocky start to my season but today is really good experience. We're playing around with the set-ups of the car."

Sat 10:54 - SS12: H. Solberg
1.4sec quicker than Breen and the 43-year-old is chuffed. "I'm pushing - oy oy oy! I have fun. Third fastest is good. I can still drive!"

Sat 10:51 - SS12: Breen
Third fastest so far, just 12.5sec off Paddon's pace and the Irishman is delighted. "Not bad is it? I'm sure the road is cleaning but through this one I was shouting yee-ha! It's incredible. Like I'm playing on a PlayStation."

Sat 10:44 - SS12: Paddon
A terrific fastest time for the Kiwi who completes 5.7sec quicker than Ostberg. More importantly he's 23 sec faster than Ogier and is now just 8.8sec off the rally lead! "This stage helped us a bit more than the previous one. It was good for us. Okay, Ogier isn't really the target for us now, we want to build a buffer ahead of the guys behind."

Sat 10:40 - SS12: Tanak
He completes 24.9sec slower than pace-setter Ostberg.

Sat 10:39 - SS12: Splits watch
Paddon 15.7sec up on Ogier at the 14km split

Sat 10:38 - SS12: Sordo
14.2sec slower than Ostberg. His car missing most of its left front wing after his puncture on the previous test.

Sat 10:36 - SS12: Ostberg
A new fastest time - 10.1sec up on Neuville. "For sure it's cleaning. We expected something like this. We did quite a good stage. I was happy with that. You can smell the mustard on the spectators' hot dogs." That's our quote of the day so far.

Sat 10:33 - SS12: Neuville
Last year's winner of the Colin's Crest award, with a jump of 44metres. He's quickest so far, six-tenths up on Ogier and records the longest jump so far at 38 metres. "It was okay. Quite slippery and the times are getting better and better. For me it was the stage to get back into the rhythm."

Sat 10:30 - SS12: Mikkelsen
He completes 7.8sec quicker than Ogier. "I had a pretty clean drive and I'm happy with that. The road is cleaning a lot. Anders got something in his eye at the start but he managed to read the notes okay!"

Sat 10:26 - SS12: Ogier
He completes in 13m34.5s. "Not the same story as earlier. I'm very happy with my stage but this one was different. We might lose a lot here - especially to Hayden who is starting so far behind."

Sat 10:24 - SS12: Ogier
Nearing the finish. His speedo showing 180kph

Sat 10:22 - SS12: Splits watch
Mikkelsen 7.1sec up on Ogier at the 14.6km point

Sat 10:10 - SS12: Stage LIVE
And on WRC+ we're riding with Ogier. Stage conditions look terrific. Lots of snow.

Sat 09:39 - SS12: Revised start time
A small delay. First car will start at 1010hrs - that's two minutes later than scheduled.

Sat 09:23 - Stage info: SS12
Vargåsen 1, 24.70km. Rally Sweden's best-known test, Vargåsen is famous for Colin's Crest - a blind jump 12.8km from the start where fans gather in their thousands. Thierry Neuville set a new record last year with a 44 metre jump and the biggest leap this year will receive the award named in memory of the late Colin McRae. The stage starts on a narrow and twisty road but becomes wider and more flowing.

Sat 09:22 - Up next: SS12
The first pass through Vargåsen kicks off at 1008hrs. It will shown LIVE on WRC+ so there's still time to sort yourself a login if you haven't already!

Sat 09:19 - Sweden WRC2
after SS10 1.Evans 1h16m30.8s, 2.Tidemand +42.7s, 3.Grondal +52.6s, 4.Ahlin +1m16.3s, 5.Bergkvist +1m18.9s Ahlin puncture B'kvist engine

Sat 09:15 - SS10: WRC 2 Brynildsen
"The guys worked hard last night but we have the same problem as yesterday. I try to push but it's impossible. We believed it was something with the handbrake yesterday, now I don't know."

Sat 09:11 - SS10: WRC 2 Bergkvist
He completes with an overheating engine. "It looks like game over for us."

Sat 09:10 - SS10: WRC 2 Tidemand
A clean run and he's up to second!

Sat 09:09 - SS10: WRC 2 Grondal
He woke up at 3am with a fever and is feeling terrible.

Sat 09:08 - SS10: WRC 2 Ahlin
A front-left puncture, collected 6km from the end, and he drops out of the top three fight. "Game over."

Sat 09:07 - SS10: WRC 2 Evans
All clear

Sat 09:07 - SS10: Latvala
Front-left puncture. "The stage was very rough. I thought I had marked the stones well but his happened on the inside of the a long left-hander. I knew there were stones at the end, this was earlier on."

Sat 09:04 - Sweden after SS10
1.Ogier 1h12m54.0s, 2.Paddon +32.4s, 3.Mikkelsen +45.9s, 4.Ostberg +46.0s, 5.Tanak +50.9s Camilli rolls

Sat 09:03 - SS10: Meeke
Back after another rock-related retirement yesterday. "You have to ride your luck a bit. Sometimes it works out but for the last two rallies it hasn't. I was really careful around the rocks on the road here."

Sat 08:57 - SS10: H. Solberg
"We we slowed in the corner where Camilli went off. His car was a long way from the road, so I'm not sure they needed to do that."

Sat 08:55 - SS10: Breen
"Different conditions compared to yesterday and that means more learning for me. We passed Eric's car on stage, it looks like a big accident and that was a bit of a distraction.'

Sat 08:48 - SS10: Camilli update
Rolled. Crew okay.

Sat 08:47 - SS10: Al Qassimi
Lost a few seconds braking way too early for a junction. He couldn't get his bearings in the snow. Sounds similar to Neuville's delay here.

Sat 08:45 - SS10: Paddon
Any advantage running seventh on the road? "My road position is 50/50. Some places there is a clean line, in other places more ice. So no real advantage. I'm a bit frustrated with my own driving on this one. We can improve a lot."

Sat 08:43 - SS10: Tanak
16.1sec slower than Ogier. A clean run.

Sat 08:42 - SS10: Camilli
WRC tracking system shows his car stopped 3.6km into the stage

Sat 08:41 - SS10 Sordo
Disaster for the Spaniard. He completes 1m06s slower than Ogier and drops out of the lead battle. The reason is clear to see - a front-left puncture. "It happened about four kilometres before the finish. There were lots of stones in the road and I hit one. I will try to fight back."

Sat 08:36 - SS10: Ostberg
12.3sec off Ogier's pace and lucky to reach the finish at all. "That was a crazy opening to the day. I had a big moment near the start when I slid wide in a corner. I was lucky to get away with it. I had 'don't cut' in my notes and I went too far to the outside. A big wake up!"

Sat 08:33 - SS10: Neuville
16.1sec off Ogier's pace and it's a hectic start to the day for Neuville, who collected a 20sec penalty for leaving service late. "It was a problem fixing the roll bar, but everything is okay now. In the car here we had a small misunderstanding near the start with a junction, I ended up braking in a straight line."

Sat 08:27 - SS10: Mikkelsen
3.9sec slower than Ogier, and suggesting that Seb is at maximum attack. "I tried to follow Seb's lines and I can tell you he's in every ditch, hitting stones, taking big risks. He's pushing the boundaries!"

Sat 08:24 - SS10: Ogier
He completes in 9m43.4s. "Okay, first on the road is not the best position but it's not too bad I hope. For sure it's going to cost me, compared to the guys behind, but I'm happy with my stage and my drive. It would be difficult to do better."

Sat 08:20 - SS10: LIVE
And moving well according to the split times. Ogier began it on schedule at 0811hrs.

Sat 08:16 - Stage info: SS10
Fredriksberg 1, 18.19km. Fredriksberg is one of Sweden's classics and is driven in the opposite direction to 2015. It's narrow with stones and tree stumps to trap the unwary, but fast and full of crests. The early sections wind through a narrow tree-lined section before emerging onto a wide and curvy road alongside Lake Skärsjön.

Sat 08:15 - WRC Live
Don't miss our WRC Live radio service from Rally Sweden. Presenters Becs Williams, Lisa O'Sullivan and stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan are broadcasting now. You'll find a link in the LIVE section.

Sat 08:14 - Time check
All times quoted are local. Rally Sweden is run to Central European Time (CET). (GMT/UTC +1 hour)

Sat 08:14 - Weather: part 2
On the start line of SS10 the temperature is -4˚C. No snow falling but grey skies suggest more might be on its way. The stage surface is frozen hard with a layer of four centimetres of fresh snow on top. Fir trees dusted with snow. Spectators pulling sledges. Looks a bit like a WRC Christmas card.

Sat 08:14 - Weather: part 1
Plenty of long-awaited snow in the region overnight. Here in Karlstad it's -4.5˚C with light snow falling. We brushed about 4cm of fresh snow off our car this morning.

Sat 08:13 - Neuville penalty
A 20-second penalty applied for leaving service late this morning.

Sat 08:12 - Bertelli?
Not starting today. He retired on Friday night.

Sat 08:11 - Start order
Crews will start in reverse classification order. Here’s how the World Rally Car drivers will line-up: 1. Ogier, 2. Mikkelsen, 3. Neuville, 4. Østberg, 5. Sordo, 6. Tanak, 7. Paddon, 8. Al Qassimi, 9. Camilli, 10. Breen, 11. H. Solberg, 12. Al Rajhi, 13. Meeke, 14. Latvala

Sat 08:10 - Saturday's itinerary
The five stages cover 92.25km. Fredriksberg and Vargåsen - home of the famous Colin's Crest jump - will run in the morning (and be streamed LIVE on WRC ) before a tyre fitting opportunity in Hagfors. In the afternoon crews will tackle Rämmen and a repeat of Vargåsen before a head-to-head test at Karlstad trotting track

Sat 08:10 - Coming up today
It's day two, and crews are off to the Swedish Värmland countryside for five stages run, like Friday, without a midpoint service.

Sat 08:09 - We're LIVE
Reporting from Rally HQ close to the city's WRC service base

Sat 08:09 - Good morning
From Karlstad, and welcome back to our live text service from Rally Sweden

Fri 16:41 - We will return
At 0811hrs, when the rally resumes with the 18km Fredriksberg stage. Until then, keep an eye on the news section for all the latest from Karlstad. Bye for now.

Fri 16:40 - Join us on Saturday
For the rally's second day. Coming up: five stages and 92 stage kilometres. And with forecasters predicting 20cms of snow overnight, it seems that winter has finally arrived!

Fri 16:36 - Leaders through
And that's where we'll leave our live text service for tonight.

Fri 16:35 - Sweden WRC 2 after day 1
(SS9): 1.Evans 1h06m23.1s, 2.Ahlin 17.1s, 3.Grondal 38.0s, 4.Tidemand 42.5s, 5.Bergkvist 1m01.1s

Fri 16:31 - SS9: Aasen
The end of a strong first day in his DMACK prize drive Fiesta R5. "I'm trusting the car more as the day goes on."

Fri 16:29 - SS9: WRC 2 Shaymiev
Broken power steering.

Fri 16:28 - SS9: WRC 2 Veiby
"We are really happy with the progress we have made today. It's hard to adapt to a new car of course. It's going according to the plan."

Fri 16:27 - SS9: WRC 2 Ahlin
"A very difficult day but I'm proud with how we have handled it."

Fri 16:27 - SS9: WRC 2 Grondal
18.9sec slower than Tidemand. "We had a spin in the last corner, that lost us six or seven seconds. A bit annoying - a silly mistake."

Fri 16:23 - SS9: WRC 2 Brynildsen
"It's been character building! I tried not to lose too much time with the driveshaft. I can be happy with my driving and apart from the driveshaft the car has run perfectly."

Fri 16:22 - SS9: WRC 2 Tidemand
Quickest on stage so far, six-tenths up on Lappi. "I'm happy. Okay, some problems with the driveshaft but all is working well here. I don't know what the gap is now but for sure we will try.

Fri 16:20 - SS9: WRC 2 Lappi
Six-tenths quicker than Evans on stage, but almost two minutes adrift in the standings. "We are still here. We have never been here [on this rally] before. A small mistake but thanks to the spectators who helped us out. I'm still quite happy with my day."

Fri 16:14 - SS9: WRC 2 Tempestini
"A difficult day but we are happy to be here. We will work on our set-up in service."

Fri 16:13 - SS9: WRC 2 Ptaszek
"Not such a bad day, some small problem here with a lack of power but we've enjoyed it."

Fri 16:12 - SS9: WRC 2 Evans
"I didn't have a great run in here, the grip was changeable, but I'm definitely happy with my day. There are some big expectations after Monte and I'm keen to show it was no fluke."

Fri 16:10 - Sweden after day 1
(SS9) - 1.Ogier 1h03m10.6s, 2.Paddon +26.9s, 3.Ostberg +33.7s, 4.Tanak +34.8s, 5.Sordo +38.2s Latvala stops

Fri 16:09 - SS9: Al Rajhi
"We try to push a little bit in the faster sections. Now we try to push to a higher level."

Fri 16:08 - SS9: H. Solberg
He completes 22sec off the pace and extremely animated. "The engine stopped! I lost a minute, maybe more. After that I drove like crazy!"

Fri 16:06 - SS9: Breen
He completes with the right-rear tyre off the rim. "We had a spin just before the end. Something didn't feel right at the rear. Anyway, a very positive day. For the times to come so soon I'm very pleased."

Fri 16:03 - SS9: Camilli
"I'm happy with the afternoon. This one was hard, and an easy place to damage the car. I could have gone faster but I wanted to finish the day."

Fri 16:01 - SS9: Bertelli
"More tricky than this morning because the snow is covering the corners and you can't see the edge clearly. It's a bit of a gamble."

Fri 16:00 - SS9: Latvala update
Retired. Broken suspension.

Fri 15:59 - SS9: Al Qassimi
"The biggest problem in the last two stages has been the lack of traction in the snow. We are making changes to the dampers to try and get a better feeling."

Fri 15:57 - SS9: Paddon
Quickest so far, 4sec up on Ogier, and it's second overnight for the Kiwi. "Road conditions have played a big part, but my confidence is growing all the time. Still more to come."

Fri 15:54 - SS9: Latvala stopped
At the 11.8km point. This could be end of a miserable day for Jari-Matti who has driven most of the stages with a two-wheel drive Polo.

Fri 15:50 - SS9: Tanak
2.7sec off Ogier's pace and Ott is firmly in the fight for second overall. "I've pushed hard and thanks to the snow it's been good. We can be very happy with our first day in snow on the DMACKs."

Fri 15:49 - SS9: Sordo
A great way to finish the day, 2.6sec slower than Ogier on stage and 38sec adrift in the overall standings. "Overall a good day, but the car was moving around too much on the morning loop. I could push more here. It's a really nice fight."

Fri 15:46 - SS9: Ostberg
2.7sec off Ogier's pace. "Being in the battle for second is encouraging. It's been an enjoyable afternoon. I needed time to get used to the car on this surface. Now I feel much better."

Fri 15:44 - SS9: Neuville
1m06.9sec off Ogier's stage time and he's more than six minutes adrift in the overall standings. The Belgian one of many drivers keen to get to service for repairs. "This is the game. Sometimes life is hard. I feel like I'm doing a two-wheel drive championship in the last few races. We are getting used to it."

Fri 15:42 - SS9: Mikkelsen
2.7sec slower than Ogier. "A bit too careful in here. But a few mistakes too. It's difficult with the weather and the guys coming from behind too."

Fri 15:40 - SS9: Ogier
He's through in 9m00.6s. "Already this afternoon I struggled a lot [in the snow] I pushed hard because I know the guys behind will have a clean line. I do my best. I have to be happy because this stage was good for me and I got lucky earlier on."

Fri 15:25 - Meeke update:
Retired for the day. He hit a stone buried in the road. His comment on Twitter: "Unbelievable!!! Identical to Monte Carlo. I follow the line in a slow corner and a stone buried in the road..INCREDIBLE!"

Fri 15:24 - Up next: SS9
Ogier will begin the repeat of Torsby at 1528hrs

Fri 15:19 - Sweden WRC2
after SS8: 1.Evans 57m01.3s, 2.Ahlin +10.9s, 3.Grondal +23.7s, 4.Tidemand +47.1s, 5.Bergkvist +50.6s. Lappi off

Fri 15:14 - SS8: WRC 2 Ahlin
4sec off Evans pace, despite his throttle sticking open. "Scary to drive with the throttle like this." He has made a temporary repair by attaching an elastic strap to the pedal.

Fri 15:12 - SS8: WRC 2 Grondal
Second quickest to Evans, 3.8sec adrift. "Very happy. I lost a couple of seconds in a corner but overall I enjoyed it. This car set-up works better in the fast stuff."

Fri 15:10 - SS8: WRC 2 Tidemand
Just 4.8sec slower than Evans. "We managed to fix the broken driveshaft on the road section. I'm grateful to Skoda who gave us some mechanical training before the rally!"

Fri 15:08 - SS8: WRC 2 Lappi
He completes 1m53s off Evans' pace. "On the first corner I lost the rear. I started to spin and the front went into a ditch. We were stuck, that's all. Still, we are here. The most important thing is the experience but for sure I'm disappointed."

Fri 15:01 - SS8: Splits watch
Problems for Esapekka Lappi. He is 1m49 slower than Evans at the opening split (at 6.2km)

Fri 15:00 - SS8: WRC 2 Ptaszek
"The conditions are getting better from hour to hour."

Fri 14:58 - SS8: WRC 2 Evans
"Okay, tricky but I'm trying hard. Maybe I'm losing some time by attacking too much."

Fri 14:57 - Sweden after SS8
1.Ogier 54m10.0s, 2.Paddon +30.9s, 3.Ostberg +31.0s, 4.Tanak +32.1s, 5.Sordo +35.6s Meeke stops

Fri 14:54 - SS8: H.Solberg
Just 4.3sec off Paddon's stage leading time. "I pushed flat everywhere. Fourth fastest is not bad for an old man."

Fri 14:52 - SS8: Breen
17.3sec off the pace. "We had an overshoot near the end. I got a bit greedy with my braking. It cost me about 15sec, trying to find the right levers to turn around. The snow is making things really difficult."

Fri 14:49 - SS8: Camilli
8.7sec off Paddon's pace. "Very good. I was disappointed after the spin on the previous stage. I will push more given more time."

Fri 14:43 - SS8: Paddon
Quickest on stage so far and he's up to second overall. "We have an advantage of the road with the snow, but it's still really, really slippery. Untidy, but it's the same for everybody. We saw Kris. He's parked up at a junction but we couldn't see what was wrong."

Fri 14:39 - SS8: Latvala
1m02.7s off the pace. "Better than the morning. I'm able to drive the car better now I'm used to the feeling. I just need to get this rally through. Manufacturer points are the most important thing."

Fri 14:37 - SS8: Meeke stopped
WRC tracking system shows his car stopped at the 9.8km point. He's been there for two minutes.

Fri 14:35 - SS8: Tanak
Quickest so far. "The windscreen heater doesn't work, so it's hard to see, but that's the only problem."

Fri 14:34 - SS8: Sordo
5.7sec off Ostberg's pace. "I tried to catch but the car is moving about a lot at the rear."

Fri 14:33 - SS8: Ostberg
Quickest so far, but with the snow falling he's expecting those behind to be faster. "Now the snow is here the road is cleaning a lot. We wanted snow for so long, now it's here I don't want it..."

Fri 14:31 - SS8: Neuville
"With all the snow I can do nothing. It's really difficult to drive in two-wheel-drive. The rear is sliding all the time. One more to go now until service. Hopefully we can get some points here."

Fri 14:29 - Snow report
Compared to the clean roads this morning there is a covering of around 4cm of fresh snow now.

Fri 14:28 - SS8: Mikkelsen
4.8sec quicker than Ogier. "There's more snow about now. It's making things much more slippery."

Fri 14:27 - SS8: Ogier
First to complete in 10m04.9s. WRC TV crews report he overshot a junction at the 16.3km point. That's the same place that caught out Paddon, Evans and Kubica last year. "I think I lost a lot of time."

Fri 14:24 - Sweden WRC2
after SS7: 1.Evans 46m47.7s, 2.Lappi +4.8s, 3.Ahlin +6.9s, 4.Grondal +19.9s, 5.Bergkvist +37.4s

Fri 14:21 - SS7: WRC 2 Ahlin
Fourth fastest. He loses the WRC 2 lead to Evans and slips to third. "The throttle stuck five times on stage. We also went off at a hairpin."

Fri 14:19 - SS7: WRC 2 Grondal
18.2sec off Lappi's pace. "Not so bad. Very slippery out of the line, but I'm happy with that."

Fri 14:17 - SS7: WRC 2 Tidemand
Disaster for the Swede, who completes 53.5sec slower than his team-mate Lappi. "Something is broken, a driveshaft perhaps. We have only front-wheel-drive."

Fri 14:15 - SS7: Lappi
Fastest time in WRC 2 so far - 14.8sec up on Evans - and he's just 4.8sec behind in the standings. What's changed after an average morning? "Nothing. I had some rice and chicken, that's all. I couldn't go faster on the first pass, I just didn't have the confidence. Now it's a bit cleaner."

Fri 14:12 - SS7: Splits watch
A worrying third split for the Swede. 18sec down on Evans

Fri 14:06 - SS7: WRC 2 Evans
"Good grip. More consistent than the first pass."

Fri 14:05 - Sweden after SS7
1.Ogier 44m05.1s, 2.Meeke 21.0s, 3.Sordo +40.5s, 4.Ostberg +41.6s, 5.Tanak +42.9s Mikkelsen plunges from 2nd to 9th

Fri 14:00 - SS7: Breen
Third quickest - and he's quicker than Ogier by 1.2sec! "How do you explain that? I'm almost lost for words! I feel completely at one with this car. With this car I feel like I've been given a huge opportunity - It's like I've found a Willy Wonka golden ticket!"

Fri 13:57 - SS7: Camilli
4.4sec slower than Bertelli. What happened? "A spin near the end. I lost time on the hairpin. That's life. I'm quite happy with the feeling - I'm making progress but the time here is not very good."

Fri 13:55 - SS7: Bertelli
Eighth fastest, but he's disappointed with his driving. "I did some mistakes and lost maybe nine or 10 seconds in a hairpin. A stupid mistake."

Fri 13:53 - SS7: Al Qassimi
"Quite difficult. A bit of action for the spectators near the end..."

Fri 13:50 - SS7: Paddon
Just 5sec slower than Meeke. A great stage for the Kiwi. "Not bad. The road position suited us better on the second pass. The car is feeling good."

Fri 13:49 - SS7: Meeke
Quickest so far! 7.7sec up on Ogier. "The rhythm felt good. We made a few adjustments and they worked. So why not?" He moves ahead of Mikkelsen to second place, 21sec adrift of rally leader Ogier.

Fri 13:47 - SS7: Latvala
He completes 1m41.2s slower than Ogier. He's still struggling with his two-wheel-drive Polo.

Fri 13:44 - SS7: Tanak
He completes in the same time as Ostberg, second quickest, 5.3sec off Ogier's pace. "There was a lot of loose in there so I'm surprised. Its important to keep the pace. A good stage!"

Fri 13:42 - SS7: Sordo
Third quickest so far. "The car is moving a lot in the lines on the road."

Fri 13:41 - SS7: Ostberg
5.3sec slower than Ogier. "The feeling is not very different but the time is not so bad. The conditions are cleaning here so we should be quicker."

Fri 13:39 - SS7: Neuville
2m18.1sec slower than Ogier. His car still carrying a serious transmission problem. "There was nothing we could do. The rear diff is broken. I'm in one-wheel drive so it's really strange to drive. Okay, we continue."

Fri 13:37 - SS7: Mikkelsen
19.9sec slower than Ogier and his car has damage to the left side of its front bumper. "I lost the rear a bit and hit a tree stump, it spun the car around and I stalled. I lost a lot of time. I think my chance for first place is gone. It's all about second place now."

Fri 13:34 - SS7: Ogier
He completes in 12m51.9s and his repair job on his car's front-left corner seems to be holding. "It's always more difficult on the second loop, when you're following the lines of the two-wheel-drive cars. The repair is okay, but the steering feels heavier."

Fri 13:29 - SS7: Mikkelsen
WRC TV crews report he has been off at the 11km point. He's back underway now. Some front-left damage reported.

Fri 13:24 - We're back
And Ogier is in stage seven. He started on schedule at 1318hrs, the earlier itinerary delay absorbed in the regroup.

Fri 12:12 - Next stage: SS7
With the cancellation of both Kirkenear passes, the next stage is the repeat of Svullrya (SS7) at 1316hrs. We'll take a live text break until then!

Fri 12:07 - Up next: Regroup
Crews are arriving at the midpoint regroup at Kirkenaer. After a 30-minute halt, they will fit new tyres ahead of the repeat loop

Fri 12:05 - Sweden WRC2
after SS4: 1.Ahlin 33m.21.5s, 2.Evans +0.5s, 3.Tidemand +4.1s, 4.Grondal +16.5s, 5.Lappi +20.1s

Fri 12:03 - SS4: Veiby
27sec off Ogier's pace. "Taking things step-by-step. A hard landing over the big jump in there and I need to go and take a look."

Fri 11:59 - SS4: WRC 2 Ahlin
Second quickest to Evans, and he holds the WRC 2 lead by just half a second. "Much more understeer in this stage without the rear anti-roll bar."

Fri 11:58 - SS4: WRC 2 Grondal
"A stall at a hairpin and problem with the changes I made to the pace notes."

Fri 11:57 - SS4: WRC 2 Brynildsen
Shaking his head and it sounds like his notorious bad luck is continuing. "I think we have a broken driveshaft or rear diff. It's too long back to service. I really hoped this would be the weekend..."

Fri 11:54 - SS4: WRC 2 Lappi
"I'm enjoying the driving but the time is not good. Elfyn is driving very well I must say. I'm not sure there's much more I can do - especially on the first passes."

Fri 11:53 - Ogier update
He changed his car's front-left toe link on the road section after SS4. He said it was totally bent.

Fri 11:48 - Sweden after SS4
1.Ogier 31m13.2s, 2.Mikkelsen 24.2s, 3.Meeke 28.7s, 4.Sordo 30.3s, 5.Ostberg 36.3s Ogier off. Neuville transmission problem

Fri 11:47 - SS4: WRC 2 Tempestini
He loses time with a spin.

Fri 11:46 - SS4: WRC 2 Ptaszek
40sec slower than Evans. "Not too much risk but I still want to stay in touch with the leaders."

Fri 11:45 - SS4: WRC 2 Evans
His car carrying a lot of snow at the finish control. "A small moment in a bank. I'm trying pretty hard. It happens, no problem."

Fri 11:43 - SS4: Al Rajhi
"The car turned off in one corner but otherwise a good feeling."

Fri 11:40 - SS4: H. Solberg
"This is my favourite stage - but the downshift problem is still there. In some places I have to use the manual shift."

Fri 11:39 - SS4: Breen
"Proper winter in there. The slush is a surprise. I'm learning with every kilometre. The car still feels alien but the morning has been good. After a difficult couple of years it feels like I'm back on track."

Fri 11:37 - SS4: Camilli
"It's coming. I like the conditions but it's not easy. The time is better than the previous stage."

Fri 11:34 - SS4: Bertelli
"I had a big moment after the water - I was completely opposite lock."

Fri 11:33 - SS4: Paddon
Another driver to find it tough on icy roads made rough by the cars ahead. "Unfortunately I think we're a sitting duck with the road conditions. I know we're not driving a second per kilometre slower. We just have to bide our time and wait for the repeat pass - the more level conditions were better for us last year."

Fri 11:29 - SS4: Meeke
Second quickest, 6.5sec slower than Ogier, and Meeke is up to third. "Not too bad. But on on this ice base, Seb [Ogier] has an advantage. In my position I have to take a different line to find clean ice."

Fri 11:27 - SS4: Latvala
More time loss for Jari-Matti who completes 1m47sec off Ogier's pace. "I drive as well as I can. It's more diffident to drive on snow than gravel with a broken driveshaft. There is nothing I can do."

Fri 11:23 - SS4: Tanak
Fourth fastest so far. "The beginning of the stage was good, but we lost a lot of grip towards the end. The water splashes were deeper than they were on the recce, but they were okay."

Fri 11:20 - SS4: Ostberg
6.9sec slower than Ogier and it sounds like he had a lucky escape at the water splash. "I could see the lines in the road of the cars in front. I understood something was going to happen. That saved us."

Fri 11:18 - SS4: Neuville
1m23sec slower than Ogier. His car's hazard warning lights are flashing as he completes. "We have a transmission problem. I don't know what. One-wheel-drive I think."

Fri 11:16 - SS4: Mikkelsen
24sec slower than Ogier and he too has damaged the left-front corner of his Polo. "We went off after the deep water, maybe 7km before the finish. We didn't see it on the recce and then, wow!"

Fri 11:14 - SS4: Ogier
He completes in 12m47.9 but there is damage to his car's front left. Most of the wing is missing. He's straight out to have a look. "There was a big, big water splash in the stage, it was not in my notes. The organisers said it was a bump. I couldn't turn after it and went into the trees. I must go and work on the car."

Fri 11:10 - SS4: Splits watch
Neuville is 25.6s down on Ogier at the 12.4km point.

Fri 11:05 - Stage info: SS4
Svullrya, 24.23km. Svullrya is the only stage entirely in Norway and has never been used before. It is fast and flowing from the start with plenty of inviting corners to challenge drivers. It contains a mix of wide flowing roads and narrower forest tracks, the latter covered with thick ice.

Fri 11:02 - Up next: SS4
And it's live already. Sebastien Ogier started at 1058hrs

Fri 11:01 - Sweden WRC2
after SS3: 1.Ahlin 19m.44.5s, 2.Tidemand +1.7s, 3.Evans +7.0s, 4.Grondal +8.4s, 5.Lappi +18.0s Ahlin the stage winner

Fri 10:58 - SS3: Ahlin
A terrific stage win for the Swede, who is 7.2sec up on Tidemand and Grondal. "Really shocked, because we don't have a rear anti-roll bar. Maybe I won't run one more often!"

Fri 10:56 - SS3: WRC 2 Grondal
Joint quickest so far with Tidemand. "Pretty good. We weren't expecting this snow but the time is good so I'm happy."

Fri 10:55 - SS3: WRC 2 Brynildsen
"Not too bad. A bit of under-steering and some misfiring on the first stage but I enjoyed it. It's a proper rally now."

Fri 10:53 - SS3: WRC 2 Tidemand
5.5sec quicker than Evans. "Yes, it was good. A bit slippery so hard to say if it was good nor not. The feeling was okay. I really enjoyed it"

Fri 10:51 - SS3: WRC 2 Lappi
1.7sec slower than Evans and, with a bigger start gap to Foulon, pleased not to have any hold-ups. "Now its good. A lot better."

Fri 10:43 - SS3: WRC 2 Ptaszek
"Totally different grip than the first stage. We were cautious in here. Not too many risks."

Fri 10:41 - SS3: WRC 2 Evans
"It was okay but quite difficult to read the grip. It's hard to get confidence but it was okay. I have a sneaky feeling these Scandinavians will be able to read the road a bit better."

Fri 10:40 - SS3: Al Rajhi
A scary moment landing after a crest, but Yazeed says he is taking time to adjust to the WRC spec Fiesta. "Every stage I can push a bit more."

Fri 10:38 - SS3: H. Solberg
Still a problem with his car's downshift. "I can't be happy about that. A lot of people out on stage. I try to wave but I can't."

Fri 10:36 - Sweden after SS3
1.Ogier 18m25.3s, 2.Mikkelsen +6.9s, 3.Neuville +18.2s, =4.Meeke +22.2s, =4.Sordo +22.2s Latvala in 2WD

Fri 10:35 - SS3: Breen
"Really nice. Really enjoyable stage. I'm enjoying every minute of it. Just trying to improve stage by stage."

Fri 10:33 - SS3: Camilli
"Difficult. I feel a bit shocked. It felt good but the time is not."

Fri 10:31 - SS3: Bertelli
"It was okay. Little snow banks."

Fri 10:30 - SS3: Al Qassimi
"My notes are not perfect for these conditions. I am making some corrections."

Fri 10:27 - SS3: Paddon
5.6sec slower than Meeke. "It felt better than the first one. I'm getting more used to the car. It's hard to have the confidence when it's all new. We had a water temperature alarm for much of the stage, which was a distraction."

Fri 10:25 - SS3: Meeke
17.8sec off Ogier's pace. "Quite a hard ice base. And that makes road position key. I thought my rhythm was okay, but obviously not."

Fri 10:24 - SS3: Latvala
A broken front-left driveshaft has left his Polo in two-wheel-drive only. He completes 1m52sec slower than Ogier. "Not easy. Even in the fast stuff I feel the diff is slipping all the time. I do what I can. It happened after a jump before a corner. I have no idea why. A mechanical problem I think. Just one of those things."

Fri 10:19 - SS3: Tanak
Fourth quickest so far. "Very nice conditions. In some places I managed to touch the snow banks. The grip was better than the previous stage. The car feels good."

Fri 10:18 - SS3: Sordo
His earlier overheating problem is cured, but it's a mixed bag for Dani on this stage. "I don't think we did very well here. A little bit confusing in some corners. The stage conditions are good though - I enjoyed a lot."

Fri 10:16 - SS3: Ostberg
Slowest through so far. "The stage is nice but I struggled to find a good rhythm. Everything feels a bit new and I cannot push at the moment."

Fri 10:13 - SS3: Neuville
13.5sec off Ogier's pace. "Not happy with that run. The car is moving around a lot."

Fri 10:12 - SS3: Mikkelsen
6.6sec slower than Ogier and his Volkswagen is sporting a cracked windscreen. "That happened on the previous stage, nothing to worry about. This stage was alright. I'm happy enough with it. A beautiful stage and a lot of Norwegian flags about."

Fri 10:10 - SS3: Ogier
He completes in 9m32.3s. "Good. Really perfect conditions. Very enjoyable to drive. There is snow falling and there is a light covering on the road. No big mistakes. I tried my best."

Fri 10:08 - SS3: Weather uppdate
Snow is falling in Karlstad!

Fri 10:08 - SS3: Tyres
In a change to the tyre regulations, crews have been given two fresh studded tyres after SS2. With the two spares they are carrying on board, that gives them the chance for a complete set of fresh tyres for Röjden

Fri 09:57 - Latvala update
Front-left driveshaft is broken. Tracking system shows him moving towards the start of SS3. He's about 7km away.

Fri 09:52 - Stage info: SS3
Röjden 1, 18.47km. A classic stage used many times in national rallies. It starts in Sweden and crosses into Norway for 12km before returning to Sweden again. The stage offers a mix of fast and slower roads, with an exceptionally tricky jump in the middle.

Fri 09:51 - Up next: SS3
The first pass of Röjden will get underway at 0958hrs. That's five minutes later than scheduled.

Fri 09:47 - Sweden WRC2
after SS2: 1.Evans 9m:23.4s, 2.Tidemand +0.2s, 3.Ahlin +5.7s, 4.Grondal +6.9s, 5.Lappi +9.3s Lappi & T’mand slowed by car ahead

Fri 09:40 - SS2: Brynildsen
"Good fun. Full ice. The organisers have done a good job with the stage but we caught Foulon so they might want to look at the seedings."

Fri 09:38 - SS2: Foulon
He completes without any specific problem - just getting used to his car.

Fri 09:38 - SS2: Tidemand
Another to catch and pass Foulon."The start was good but we caught the car ahead and after that we lost our rhythm."

Fri 09:37 - SS2: Lappi
Completes before the man we were expecting next - Alain Foulon. "I catch the Mitsubishi. I don't know how much time we lost. It is what it is."

Fri 09:35 - Sweden after SS2
1.Ogier 8:53.0s, 2.Mikkelsen +0.3s, 3.Meeke +4.4s, 4.Sordo +4.7s, 5.Neuville +4.7s. Latvala driveshaft.

Fri 09:33 - SS2: Ptaszek
A good opener for the Pole. "Conditions are better than we thought." Alongside him his Robert Kubica's former co-driver Maciej Szczepaniak

Fri 09:31 - SS2: WRC2 Evans
"The [road] conditions are really hard. A surprise to many people I think. Pretty tricky to find the grip, but the feeling is good. The car is working well."

Fri 09:30 - SS2: Al Rajhi
"I need more experience because the car has a lot of speed. It's scaring me and I need to respect that."

Fri 09:28 - SS2: H. Solberg
"I had a problem with the downshift. I did my best!"

Fri 09:26 - SS2: Breen
Ninth-fastest. "So, so fast. It was slushy on my test so it's hard to get my head around the different conditions."

Fri 09:24 - SS2: Camilli
"Not really good confidence here without the snow banks. It's not easy to find the limit on braking. No problem though."

Fri 09:23 - SS2: Bertelli
A hair-raising finish on the long left-hander to the stop control, but the Italian sounds relaxed. "It's okay like this. So long as it stays frosty, it's better than we expected."

Fri 09:21 - SS2: Al Qassimi
"It's my first time to drive in these unpredictable conditions. I tried hard to find the grip."

Fri 09:18 - SS2: Paddon
His first stage in the new generation i20. "Not so bad. Stage conditions were better than we'd anticipated. It will take time to adjust to the new car. No problems, just a bit too careful."

Fri 09:16 - SS2: Meeke
"Credit to the organisers, they've worked hard on this stage. I was quite steady at the beginning. It's all about picking your braking point. A good start. Not so bad." Third fastest.

Fri 09:15 - SS2: Latvala
A terrible start for the Finn. He completes 23sec down on Ogier and the splits show most of that was lost near the end. What happened? "We have a problem. The driveshaft broke 2km before the end. I don't know what spares we have in the car."

Fri 09:13 - SS2: Tanak
"Very hard and slippery in places. I did my best. The ice on the next stage should suit us."

Fri 09:13 - Torsby recce
UPDATE from the clerk of the course - the stage (SS2) IS running competitively. Apologies for any confusion.

Fri 09:10 - SS2: Sordo
"Not so bad. Difficult to know how far you can push. We have a warning on the dash showing high water temperature." That sounds worrying..

Fri 09:08 - SS2: Ostberg
12.9sec off Ogier's pace. "Not a good stage for me. unfortunately I suffered a bit, not a good feeling. I have to get used to driving the car in these conditions."

Fri 09:06 - SS2: Neuville
4.7sec off Ogier's pace. "It was okay. The car wasn't turning too well in the left-hand corners, but it was okay. The stage was okay at the beginning, but a bit rougher at the end."

Fri 09:04 - SS2: Mikkelsen
Three-tenths slower than Ogier. "The base is hard, it felt like the tyres were going off a bit at the end. A decent start."

Fri 09:03 - SS2: Ogier
First to complete and seemingly at full speed. "The road is pretty hard. It was okay. With no test or shakedown in these conditions it's good to try hard." His time 8m53.0s

Fri 08:59 - Torsby recce
UPDATE Organisers have confirmed that the opening pass through Torsby (SS2) will be UNTIMED and used only as a high-speed recce for the second pass this afternoon

Fri 08:55 - Stage info: SS2
Torsby 1, 16.48km. Rally Sweden's opener contains new start and finish sections but is otherwise the same as 2015. Although the roads are narrow, they are fast and tricky and among those to have fallen foul of Torsby are Sébastien Ogier, Jari-Matti Latvala and Ott Tänak. The final 3km run alongside an airfield, and just before the final section is a rallycross-style arena with plenty of fast bends and a jump.

Fri 08:53 - WRC Live
Don't miss our WRC Live radio service from Rally Sweden. Presenters Becs Williams, Lisa O'Sullivan and stage-end reporters Colin Clark and Emyr Penlan are broadcasting now. You'll find a link in the LIVE section.

Fri 08:53 - Time check
All times quoted are local. Rally Sweden is run to Central European Time (CET). (GMT/UTC +1 hour)

Fri 08:52 - Weather: part 2
On the start line of SS2 there is good visibility, blue skies and some fine snow falling. The stage surface is frozen hard. The start line itself is completely ice-covered. The temperature is -2.6˚C.

Fri 08:52 - Weather: part 1
Here in Karlstad it's -2.6˚C with light cloud cover. We had to chip some ice off our windscreen and we passed some frozen lakes on the drive in, but there's no snow about.

Fri 08:51 - Tyre choices
Not much in the way of choice here, it's spikes all the way! The unique Rally Sweden tyres are 195mm wide, much narrower than their gravel and asphalt counterparts, 125mm deep and sit on a 15 inch diameter rim. Each tyre contains 384 metal studs set into the tread blocks, so that the tips protrude by 6.5 millimetres. A maximum 24 of these tyres may be used per World Rally Car.

Fri 08:51 - Start intervals
World Rally Car crews will tackle the stages at two-minute intervals

Fri 08:51 - Start order
Crews will start in championship classification order. Here’s how the World Rally Car drivers will line-up: 1. Ogier, 2. Mikkelsen, 3. Neuville, 4. Østberg, 5. Sordo, 6. Tanak, 7. Latvala, 8. Meeke, 9. Paddon, 10. Al Qassimi, 11. Bertelli, 12. Camilli, 13. Breen, 14. H. Solberg, 15. Al Rajhi

Fri 08:50 - Friday's itinerary
Drivers will rally across two countries today, with a total of five stages straddling Sweden and Norway. First up is Torsby in Sweden, Northwest of Karlstad, then Röjden and Svullrya further north in Norway. NO midpoint service today.

Fri 08:50 - Coming up today
The first day of competition. After a few weather-related worries and the cancellation of Thursday's Super Special we're off to the stages today

Fri 08:50 - We're LIVE
Reporting from Rally HQ in Karlstad's swanky CCC conference centre, a short distance from the service park

Fri 08:50 - Good morning
From Karlstad, and welcome to our live text service from Rally Sweden

Mon 10:03 - Rally Sweden 2016
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Entry List

Car No Driver/Co-driver Team/Car Eligibility Group Class FIA Priority
Volkswagen Motorsport
Volkswagen Polo WRC
M RC1 P1
Volkswagen Motorsport
Volkswagen Polo WRC
M RC1 P1
Hyundai Motorsport
Hyundai i20 WRC
M RC1 P1
Hyundai Motorsport
Hyundai i20 WRC
M RC1 P1
M-Sport World Rally Team
Ford Fiesta RS WRC
M RC1 P1
M-Sport World Rally Team
Ford Fiesta RS WRC
M RC1 P1
Abu Dhabi Total World Rally Team
Citroën DS3 WRC
RC1 P1
Volkswagen Motorsport II
Volkswagen Polo WRC
T RC1 P1
DMACK World Rally Team
Ford Fiesta RS WRC
T RC1 P1
Abu Dhabi Total World Rally Team
Citroën DS3 WRC
RC1 P1
Abu Dhabi Total World Rally Team
Citroën DS3 WRC
RC1 P1
Henning Solberg
Ford Fiesta
RC1 P1
Robert Kubica
Ford Fiesta RS WRC
RC1 P1
Hyundai Motorsport N
Hyundai i20 WRC
T RC1 P1
Yazeed Racing
Ford Fiesta RS WRC
T RC1 P1
Škoda Motorsport
Skoda Fabia R5
Škoda Motorsport
Skoda Fabia R5
Ford Fiesta R5
M-Sport World Rally Team
Ford Fiesta R5
Motorsport Italia srl
Ford Fiesta R5
Fredrik Åhlin
Ford Fiesta R5
FWRT srl
Ford Fiesta RS WRC
RC1 P1
Napoca Rally Academy
Ford Fiesta R5
Alain Foulon
Mitsubishi Evo X NR4
Drive DMACK Trophy Team
Ford Fiesta R5
Oleksii Kikireshko
Ford Fiesta R5
The Ptock
Skoda Fabia R5
TAIF Motorsport
Ford Fiesta R5
M-Sport World Rally Team
Ford Fiesta R5
Skoda Fabia R5
Drive DMACK Trophy Team
Ford Fiesta R5
Emil Bergkvist
Citroën DS3 R5
Ford Fiesta R5
Bestard Poletti Augusto Miguel D.
Ford Fiesta R5
Jim van den Heuvel
Mitsubishi EVOLUTION X
Anders Grøndal
Ford Fiesta R5
Sainteloc Junior Team
Citroën DS3 R3T
Eurolamp World Rally Team
Mini John Cooper Works WRC
Team Oreca
Skoda Fabia R5
Ari Laivola
Peugeot 207 S2000
Thomas Thunström
Citroën DS3 R5
Kristoffersson Motorsport
Skoda Fabia S2000
Grow Nutrition
Ford Fiesta R5
Lars Stugemo
Ford Fiesta R5
Glenn Ström
Skoda Fabia S2000
Joakim Roman
Citroën DS3 R5
Fredrik Alsdal
Ford Fiesta R5
Walter Mayer
Peugeot 208 T16 R5
Eamonn Boland
Subaru Impreza WRX STI
Oscar Solberg
Subaru Impreza WRX STI
Eurolamp World Rally Team
Mini John Cooper Works WRC
Jean Marc Falco
Peugeot 208 T16 R5
Alexander Villandueva
Citroën DS3 R5
Mattias Adielsson
Peugeot 208 R2
Daniel Röjsel
Ford Fiesta R2
Lasse Storm
Ford Fiesta R2
Henrik Elvestad
Skoda Fabia R2
Erik Vilenius
Citroën DS3 R1