Tour de Corse
Rallye de France


Tour de Corse - Rallye de France
Start Date: 29.09.2016
End Date: 02.10.2016
Timezone: UTC 2
Category: WRC3
Stages: 10 (390,92 km)
Distance: 1170,40 km
Servicepark: Bastia


  • The west coast town of Ajaccio hosts Thursday evening’s start ceremony.
  • Two stages on the west coast are tackled twice on Friday, with no service and just a mid-leg tyre change in Porticcio.
  • Saturday is the longest with two loops of two stages totalling 169.04km.
  • Sunday’s final leg covers just two tests in the east - but the opener is a monster 53.78km.
  • The single service park is at Bastia Airport, in the far north-east of the island.


  • Tight and twisty mountain roads are often bordered on one side by a rock face and on the other by a steep drop into the sea. 
  • Rough and abrasive asphalt places high demands on tyres. 
  • Many crews have not previously tackled the rally so must write all-new pace notes. 
  • Narrow roads mean errors can be punished heavily.

Car spec

  • Asphalt suspension – low settings which provide stability and improved balance. 
  • Different road characteristics in the same group of stages mean set-up is often a compromise.


  • France’s WRC round was held on the stunning island of Corsica from 1973 to 2008. 
  • Never-ending sequences of turns earned the event the nickname ‘The Rally of 10,000 Corners’. 
  • After a year’s absence due to rotation, the rally moved to the Alsace region of the French mainland in 2010.

What’s new for 2016

  • Bastia replaces Corte as the host town.
  • Porto-Vecchio hosts the finish instead of Ajaccio.
  • Seventy per cent of the competitive distance has changed and the rally is 20 per cent longer than last year, with more 390km of special stages.

Don’t miss

  • The scenery - the mountain landscapes provide breathtaking views.
  • Stages often pass through narrow villages which offer superb viewing opportunities.


14 Jan 2016


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