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Thu 20:22 - That's all for tonight
The WRC and WRC 2 fields are through the opening Super Special in Carlos Paz so we'll call it a night for now but we'll be back tomorrow for the first full day of stages at YPF Rally Argentina.

Thu 20:20 - WRC 2 standings after SS1
We've had all our WRC 2 cars through now, and Kalle Rovanperä is the fastest - with a time of 1m 57.5s - Pontus Tidemand is 2secs slower in second. Gus Greensmith is in third with Pedro Heller fourth.

Thu 20:03 - WRC standings after SS1
1. Neuville 1m 54.4s 2. Tänak +0.3sec 3. Ogier +0.4sec 4. Mikkelsen +0.5sec 5. Meeke +0.7sec 6. Lappi +1.3sec

Thu 19:59 - Solans
Our WRC field may have all come through now, but we still have six WRC 2 competitors to do their thing, starting with Nil Solans

Thu 19:57 - Ogier
The championship leader finishes the Super Special now and he breaks the timing beam in third - 1m 54.8s for him - 0.4sec down on stage winner Neuville. Doesn't seem too concerned by it though, he's looking to Friday: "Tomorrow is going to be a tough day for me starting first on the gravel stages."

Thu 19:54 - Neuville
Neuville is our penultimate World Rally Car through the flying finish and he's fastest again! 1m 54.4s for the Hyundai i20 driver. He's not giving much away in the stop control when questioned on the updates to his car for this rally.

Thu 19:50 - Tänak
Another driver through and another fastest time through this test. 1m 54.7s for the Estonian puts him at the top of the pile. Good start for him: "I think this could be a winning car this weekend! We came through shakedown with a good feeling in the car, we just need a good rest tonight because I know it is going to be a tough weekend."

Thu 19:47 - Mikkelsen
Blimey, Mikkelsen is making liberal use of the inside line on this run - cutting the roundabouts - he's putting that down to quite bad understeer! Didn't hamper him though, he's set a 1m 54.9s - 0.2sec faster than Meeke

Thu 19:44 - Meeke
Meeke goes through fastest of all, 1m 55.1s for him - 0.6sec faster than Lappi in the C3 WRC. "This is going to be tough, I said to Paul crossing the finish line I thought I would be last! I made a few mistakes in that stage - missed braking at the first corner and messed up a roundabout."

Thu 19:41 - Lappi
Esapekka Lappi, who was on a charge last time out in Corsica before suffering a puncture on the final day of the rally, is the fastest through this opening test - 0.1sec faster than Suninen! He's happy with that: "This stage is nothing to do with the rally! The gravel was slippery, really slippery, there was no grip!"

Thu 19:39 - Breen
We're hearing Craig Breen has been given a 10sec time penalty for leaving regroup late

Thu 19:38 - Latvala
He takes to the jump leading to the flying finish and he comes in with a time 0.2sec slower than Suninen - he can't topple his fellow Finn.

Thu 19:35 - Sordo
The Spaniard comes close but he can't unseat Suninen from the top of the standings with a 1m 55.9s - 0.1sec slower. He feels he didn't do too well on that stage though...

Thu 19:32 - Breen
You'd never know Breen's been out of the car for two months! He slots into second, 0.7sec behind Suninen. "Delighted to be back, a bit of a sloppy run through there though - the car straighten up at points when it ideally shouldn't have."

Thu 19:29 - Evans
He goes slower than his team-mate, 0.8sec down on Suninen. But he put on quite a show for the spectators! "Looking forward to getting the rally properly started, it's going to be a tough one I'm sure - it's pretty rough in some places out on the stages." Quiet confidence from the Welshman.

Thu 19:26 - Suninen
Suninen completes his first stage in Argentina and he sets a 1m 55.8s - a benchmark for the rest of the WRC field to beat.

Thu 19:23 - Al Qassimi
He comes through in third place.

Thu 19:21 - Al Qassimi
We're into the World Rally Cars now, Khalid Al Qassimi is onto the test in his Citroeën C3

Thu 19:21 - Tidemand
The Skoda driver the first man to break the 2min barrier. A good start for the driver currently second in the WRC 2 drivers' championship. "The Super Special was very nice, on the asphalt it was fine but in the gravel I wasn't too happy."

Thu 19:17 - Greensmith
The Brit is through, a 2m 0.2s for him and it sounds like he really enjoyed rallying in front of the fans

Thu 19:14 - Heller
Heller's through now, a 2m 01.8s for him. "Stage is really slippery, the rally really starts tomorrow."

Thu 19:13 - Pedro Heller
Pedro Heller is also in to the stage, he's taking no prisoners over some of the kerbs

Thu 19:12 - Bulacia
He's through in a time of 2m 11.6s, but seems to run wide at the final cormer

Thu 19:10 - Bulacia
Oh dear, a few partial stalls for Bulacia in this stage, he's cutting out at points during the twisty sections

Thu 19:08 - And we're off
Bulacia powers off into the stage to start proceedings in his Ford Fiesta R5

Thu 18:59 - 10 minute warning
Not long now until the 2018 YPF Rally Argentina gets underway. The fans in Villa Carlos Paz are lining the Super Special with Marquito Bulacia the first set to tackle the test

Thu 18:52 - Sébastien Ogier
Not to keep rubbing salt in the wound, but Ogier hasn’t won in Argentina. How is he feeling ahead of the first stage? He tells All Live’s Colin Clark: “You know that we always try to win a rally, it should be a difficult day for us running first on the road. It will be difficult for us to finish every stage but we try our best.”

Thu 18:48 - Stage info: SS1
Super Especial Villa Carlos Paz, 1.90km. YPF Rally Argentina blasts into action with a new street stage in the centre of host town Villa Carlos Paz. The show starts on mixed surface roads of asphalt and gravel with jumps, hairpin bends and fast sections included to keep the crowds excited.

Thu 18:45 - Kris Meeke
The Citroën driver is leaving for the Super Special, he’s the only driver to have competed in this opening test having done it back in 2011. He said: “We're feeling good, we’ve concentrated a lot on this rally because we got stung badly with our set-up last year. Shakedown went well and we’re looking forward to it - you have to be fast and smooth on these stages."

Thu 18:44 - Weather watch
It is warm in Villa Carlos Paz this evening, still in the mid-twenties despite it still being 6.40pm

Thu 18:40 - WRC All Live
Remember, you can watch all the action this evening - and throughout YPF Rally Argentina - on All Live!

Thu 18:38 - Start list
The start list for the Super Special: 1. Bulacia 2. Heller 3. Greensmith 4. Tidemand 5. Al Qassimi 6. Suninen 7. Evans 8. Breen 9. Sordo 10. Latvala 11. Lappi 12. Meeke 13. Mikkelsen 14. Tanak 15. Neuville 16. Ogier.

Thu 18:35 - True fact
Argentina is one of the few rallies Sébastien Ogier has never won, the Frenchman has a hat-trick of second places but is yet to stand on the top step. Running at the front of the field tomorrow clearing the road might hamper his efforts though.

Thu 18:33 - Runners and riders - WRC 2
10 WRC 2 crews will be tackling the plains and mountains. Skoda Motorsport lead the entries with two Fabia R5s for Pontus Tidemand and Kalle Rovanperä while Gus Greensmith, Alberto Heller, Marco Bulacia Wilkinson, Pedro Heller and Nil Solans all tackle the rally in Ford Fiesta R5s. There’s another two Skodas for Tiago Weiler and Gustavo Saba, with Diego Dominguez rounding out the field in a Hyundai i20 R5.

Thu 18:30 - Runners and riders - WRC
There’s 12 WRC cars tackling the Argentinian sand and gravel this time out. The entry list is led by M-Sport Ford World Rally Team with Sébastien Ogier, Elfyn Evans and a returning Teemu Suninen. Joining them is the Hyundai trio of Andreas Mikkelsen, Thierry Neuville and Dani Sordo who are hoping for improved pace after their struggles in Corsica. Toyota also have a three-car assault on Argentina with Esapekka Lappi, Jari-Matti Latvala and Ott Tänak. And finally Citroën also have three entries in the rally with Kris Meeke rejoined by Craig Breen - after giving way for Sébastien Loeb at the last two events - with Khalid Al Qassimi in a third C3.

Thu 18:25 - So what’s happening?
Earlier today was all about shakedown - with Jari-Matti Latvala setting the fastest time in the Toyota Yaris - and tonight the focus is on the Villa Carlos Paz Super Special - a 1.9km blast through the town.

Thu 18:21 - We’re live
On WRC.com and the WRC app, bringing text updates from the second transatlantic rally of the season.

Thu 18:17 - Buenos Dias Live Texters
And welcome to YPF Rally Argentina!

Mon 04:31 - YPF Rally Argentina 2018
Watch the 26 min. Preview Magazine on wrcplus.com

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Wind: 12 km/h










SS21 Wedding Bells16 II (Power Stage) (6.44 km)  

Split Times

Start # Driver Team Eligibility Stage Time
1. 31 FINK. ROVANPERA Kalle Rovanpera WRC2 3:48.7
2. 68 AUSN. QUINN Nathan Quinn 4:09.4
3. 21 GRCJ. SERDERIDIS Jourdan Serderidis WRCT 4:19.9
4. 6 NORA. MIKKELSEN Hyundai Motorsport M 3:34.7
5. 9 GBRK. MEEKE Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT M 3:35.1
6. 11 FINE. LAPPI Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT M 3:34.3
7. 3 GBRE. EVANS M-Sport World Rally Team M 3:35.3
8. 1 FRAS. OGIER M-Sport World Rally Team M 3:32.6
9. 4 NZLH. PADDON Hyundai Motorsport M 3:35.8
10. 2 ESTO. TÄNAK M-Sport World Rally Team M 3:32.7
10 FINJ. LATVALA Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT M
12. 5 BELT. NEUVILLE Hyundai Motorsport M 3:36.2
13. 61 IRLR. DALTON Richie Dalton 4:04.0
14. 71 AUSD. HERRIDGE Dean Herridge 4:17.5
15. 69 AUSE. EVANS Eli Evans 4:10.1
16. 75 AUST. CLARKE Tom Clarke 4:29.2
17. 77 AUSJ. O'DOWD John O'Dowd 4:41.2
18. 79 ITAF. FRISIERO Fabio Frisiero 4:27.4
19. 72 AUSC. BROOKS Craig Brooks 4:17.9
20. 78 AUSL. BATES Neal Bates 4:18.5
21. 62 NZLM. YOUNG Ron Cremen Rallysport 4:25.2
22. 76 AUSA. PENNY Andrew Penny 4:33.3
23. 74 AUSW. MORTON Warren Morton 4:23.4
24. 80 AUSP. DUNN Peter Dunn 4:36.5
25. 81 AUSM. BEARD Mark Beard 4:40.1
26. 66 AUSR. PINTER Rhys Pinter 4:53.0