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Fri 08:52 - Weather: part 2
On the start line of SS2 there is good visibility, blue skies and some fine snow falling. The stage surface is frozen hard. The start line itself is completely ice-covered. The temperature is -2.6˚C.

Fri 08:52 - Weather: part 1
Here in Karlstad it's -2.6˚C with light cloud cover. We had to chip some ice off our windscreen and we passed some frozen lakes on the drive in, but there's no snow about.

Fri 08:51 - Tyre choices
Not much in the way of choice here, it's spikes all the way! The unique Rally Sweden tyres are 195mm wide, much narrower than their gravel and asphalt counterparts, 125mm deep and sit on a 15 inch diameter rim. Each tyre contains 384 metal studs set into the tread blocks, so that the tips protrude by 6.5 millimetres. A maximum 24 of these tyres may be used per World Rally Car.

Fri 08:51 - Start intervals
World Rally Car crews will tackle the stages at two-minute intervals

Fri 08:51 - Start order
Crews will start in championship classification order. Here’s how the World Rally Car drivers will line-up: 1. Ogier, 2. Mikkelsen, 3. Neuville, 4. Østberg, 5. Sordo, 6. Tanak, 7. Latvala, 8. Meeke, 9. Paddon, 10. Al Qassimi, 11. Bertelli, 12. Camilli, 13. Breen, 14. H. Solberg, 15. Al Rajhi

Fri 08:50 - Friday's itinerary
Drivers will rally across two countries today, with a total of five stages straddling Sweden and Norway. First up is Torsby in Sweden, Northwest of Karlstad, then Röjden and Svullrya further north in Norway

Fri 08:50 - Coming up today
The first day of competition. After a few weather-related worries and the cancellation of Thursday's Super Special we're off to the stages today

Fri 08:50 - We're LIVE
Reporting from Rally HQ in Karlstad's swanky CCC conference centre, a short distance from the service park

Fri 08:50 - Good morning
From Karlstad, and welcome to our live text service from Rally Sweden

Mon 10:03 - Rally Sweden 2016
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Rally Sweden


Wind: 12 km/h











Stage Name Distance (km) First Car Status
Day 1 - 11.02.2016
Day 2 - 12.02.2016
SS2 Torsby 1 16.48 08:51 TO RUN
SS3 Röjden 1 18.47 09:53 TO RUN
SS4 Svullrya 1 24.23 10:53 TO RUN
SS7 Svullrya 2 24.23 13:18 TO RUN
SS8 Röjden 2 18.47 14:13 TO RUN
SS9 Torsby 2 16.48 15:28 TO RUN
Day 3 - 13.02.2016
SS10 Fredriksberg 1 18.19 08:11 TO RUN
SS12 Vargåsen 1 24.70 10:08 TO RUN
SS14 Rämmen 2 22.76 12:24 TO RUN
SS16 Vargåsen 2 24.70 13:38 TO RUN
SS17 Super Special Stage Karlstad 2 1.90 18:11 TO RUN
Day 4 - 14.02.2016
SS20 Lesjöfors 2 15.00 10:07 TO RUN
SS21 Värmullsåsen 2 (Power Stage) 15.87 12:08 TO RUN