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Thu 21:43 - Stage complete
And that's where we'll end our live text service for tonight. Join us on Friday for what promises to be a thrilling day of competition with 160km of stages and NO service break. The action resumes with the 14.51km Pihlajakowski at 0928hrs local (GMT+3). Until then, keep an eye on the news section for all the latest from Jyväskylä. Bye for now!

Thu 21:43 - WRC 2 top 5 after SS1
[+ times to leader]: =1. Lefebvre (DS3 RRC): 1m53.4s, =1. Brynildsen (Ford Fiesta RRC): +0s, 3. Protasov (Ford Fiesta RRC): +1.3s, 4. Lappi (Skoda Fabia R5): +1.6s, 5. Nikara (Ford Fiesta R5): +1.8s

Thu 21:23 - SS1: Weather update
Rain falling in Jyväskylä now. Eric Camille in stage with the wipers on his Fiesta going flat out. Looks like the remaining eight WRC 2 drivers are in for a wet ride.

Thu 21:07 - Driver Q&A
We'll show the end-of-day news conference on our Live Stream from 2115hrs. Find it in the 'Live' section on the home page.

Thu 20:57 - WRC top 5 after SS1
[+ times to leader]: 1. Ogier (VW): 1m48.6s, 2. Meeke (DS 3): +0.6s, 3. Mikkelsen (VW): +0.8s, 4. Kubica (Ford): +1.1s, 5. Latvala (VW): +1.6s

Thu 20:54 - SS1: Ogier
And he's fastest. Six-tenths up on Meeke. "Happy to finish like this, it's easy to make a mistake here. Okay, a small advantage with the drying road. Tomorrow we have a really long day ahead. A tough challenge."

Thu 20:51 - SS1: Ogier on stage
But he's not the first world champion though tonight's test. That honour went to four time champ Tommi Makinen who drove an enormous green Valtra tractor through before the first rally car. It was the same tractor another former champ, Juha Kankkunen, broke the tractor world speed record with earlier this year. 80.88 miles per hour. On snow. We kid you not.

Thu 20:51 - SS1: Tanak
A hairy moment for The Estonian when his Fiesta collects a massive sandbag on an apex. I have no handbrake, I was locking all four wheels. I'm not happy at the moment." He is ninth fastest, 3.3sec off the pace.

Thu 20:48 - SS1: Mikkelsen
Pushing hard, and he's lucky to escape a very wide moment though the forest section when he gets both right-hand wheels off the tarmac. Second fastest so far. "Very slippery but it was a clean run, no worries. The fun starts tomorrow."

Thu 20:44 - SS1: Ostberg
Fourth fastest so far. "It was okay, nothing really special."

Thu 20:42 - SS1: Latvala
Third fastest so far, 1sec off Meeke's pace. "It was slippery, not an easy start. A little mistake, a little touch of the sandbags, but all okay."

Thu 20:39 - SS1: Neuville
His Hyundai looks brand new after his shunt earlier today on Shakedown. It seems to go well too - he's fourth quickest so far. "I'm happy to be here. Our team has done an incredible job to fix the car. Huge, huge thanks to them. I hope we can bring back a good result for them."

Thu 20:36 - SS1: Meeke
He sets a new fastest time, 0.5sec up on Kubica. "It's drying out all the time. A tricky stage, a bit of dirt pulled onto the road. Really looking forward to the stages this weekend. I hope I find a good feeling tomorrow."

Thu 20:33 - SS1: Paddon
Hayden's co-driver John Kennard is marking his 50th WRC rally and his 30th anniversary in the sport this week. Paddon says: "Super Specials aren't really my thing. It was really slippery there so we took no risks. It's important to have a clean start."

Thu 20:30 - SS1: Evans
Fourth quickest, 3.8sec off Kubica's benchmark. "It was a lot more slippery than expected and I missed a lot of apexes. Still, we're here in one piece and looking forward to getting out on the proper stages tomorrow."

Thu 20:27 - SS1: Sordo
The Spaniard snakes his Hyundai off the line to try and put some heat into the tyres. Third fastest so far. "Very, very slippery on the tarmac. Okay, we don't take too many risks today because there is a lot of this rally ahead."

Thu 20:25 - SS1: Prokop
A good start for Martin who completes 0.8sec slower than Kubica. But it wasn't a smooth ride. "It was slippery like hell and our handbrake isn't working properly. It was difficult to manage the tight corners. We have to work on it before tomorrow."

Thu 20:20 - SS1: Al Qassimi
The DS 3 driver fourth quickest so far in 2m0.5s. "Surprisingly slippery and a lot of wheel spin on the uphill gravel section too."

Thu 20:18 - SS1: Kubica
A great start for the Pole who completes in a new fastest time 3.9sec quicker than Hanninen. The new time to beat: 1m49.7s. "It was okay. Very slippery though, and for sure the track - sorry, the road - will get drier and faster for the cars behind."

Thu 20:14 - SS1: Bertelli
The Italian completes 0.3sec slower than Hanninen. "Very slippery and we made a small mistake in the last corner. We lost maybe a second."

Thu 20:11 - SS1: Hanninen
Former Hyundai team member Juho is the first World Rally Car driver on stage. He's in a Ford Fiesta RS this week. His time is quickest so far: 1m53.6s. Not bad considering he didn't have the benefit of a pre-event test. "Not the easiest start, but okay, no hits. We took it quite steadily."

Thu 20:01 - WRC+
SS1 is now streaming live on WRC+

Thu 19:59 - SS1: Quentin Gilbert
The Junior Championship leader bags fastest time in JWRC - 2m03.3s. Up next, the WRC runners...

Thu 19:54 - SS1: Junior WRC drivers
On stage now. Terry Folb the early class pace-setter in 2m03.9s

Thu 19:44 - SS1: Stage update
Changeable. A dry line is appearing in some of the asphalt sections but there are some ominous-looking clouds building overhead.

Thu 19:37 - SS1: Van Den Brand update
Hit a wall, broken steering. He's out of tonight's competition. All being well he will restart tomorrow.

Thu 19:33 - SS1: Huttunen spins
It's a rough start for the man recently crowned 'Future Rally Star of Finland" who spins his Citroen into a barrier. He's underway again. 'A little bit too fast and hit a wall. I think it's okay," he says at the finish.

Thu 19:27 - SS1: Drive DMACK Trophy
Drivers are now filtering through. Early problems though for Mats Van Den Brand, who is reported to have gone off in the forest section.

Thu 19:15 - WRC Live
As well as our text service, don't forget our WRC Live radio commentary and Service Park live stream cameras. You'll find links to both in the LIVE section

Thu 19:14 - SS1: Stage underway
And the wet asphalt is already proving tricky. Daniele Pellegrineschi's Citroen DS3 R3T has just done a neat pirouette backwards into a barrier. Daniele is back underway having escaped with just a broken rear light.

Thu 19:07 - SS1: Stage Notes
Harju 1, 2.27km. Neste Oil Rally Finland kicks off with the short Harju test near the centre of the host town of Jyväskylä. After returning to the itinerary in 2014 following a 16-year lay-off, it is used in virtually the same format. It’s a mix of asphalt roads and gravel tracks, and drivers must take care at a fast and tricky downhill descent into tight turns between trees.

Thu 19:06 - Start intervals
All WRC crews will start tonight's stage at 3min intervals

Thu 19:06 - Start order
Crews will tackle Friday and Saturday's stages in championship order. Tonight, however, the order is a bit special to suit the live TV (and WRC+) schedule. Mitsubishi Lancer driver Fabrizio De Sanctis was first to start at 1900hrs. The first of the World Rally Car drivers, Juho Hanninen, will be on stage at 1950hrs. The last, Sébastien Ogier, will start at 2032hrs, followed by the WRC 2 runners

Thu 19:03 - Set your watches
Here are tonight's crucial times (all GMT 3): 1842hrs (first car leaves service), 1900hrs (first car on stage SS1), 1930hrs (first car returns to Service Park)

Thu 18:53 - Weather
Summer in Jyväskylä has been a bit of a washout so far and there's no sign of a change on the horizon. Today we've seen bright spells but also some sharp bursts of torrential rain. More showers are likely. Right now the roads are wet but there's bright sunshine overhead (we're in Finland remember, so sunset is not until 2210hrs). The temperature is 14ºC.

Thu 18:52 - Coming up today
A short curtain raiser. Just one stage, Harjiu (2.27km) will run this evening before a packed schedule of competition on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Thu 18:52 - We're set
At the WRC text desk, assembled this time in a cavernous hall in the Paviljonki exhibition complex - home to the rally Service Park

Thu 18:51 - Hyvää iltaa!
That's good evening from Jyväskylä, and welcome to our live text coverage of Neste Oil Rally Finland

Mon 16:27 - Neste Oil Rally Finland
SS1 Harju 1 LIVE on on thursday 30th july from 19:00 (CEST); Preview Magazine available on WRC !

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SS1 Harju 1 (2.27 km)


Pos Fahrzeug Nr Fahrer Beifahrer Team Berechtigung Gruppe Klasse Zeit Diff Vorherigen Diff 1st
1. 1 FRAS. OGIER FRAJ. INGRASSIA Volkswagen Motorsport M RC1 1:48.6
2. 3 GBRK. MEEKE IRLP. NAGLE Citroën Total Abu Dhabi World Rally Team M RC1 1:49.2 +0.6 +0.6
3. 9 NORA. MIKKELSEN NORO. FLOENE Volkswagen Motorsport II T RC1 1:49.4 +0.2 +0.8
4. 14 POLR. KUBICA POLM. SZCZEPANIAK Robert Kubica RC1 1:49.7 +0.3 +1.1
5. 2 FINJ. LATVALA FINM. ANTTILA Volkswagen Motorsport M RC1 1:50.2 +0.5 +1.6
6. 4 NORM. OSTBERG SWEJ. ANDERSSON Citroën Total Abu Dhabi World Rally Team M RC1 1:50.3 +0.1 +1.7
7. 21 CZEM. PROKOP CZEJ. TOMANEK Jipocar Czech National Team T RC1 1:50.5 +0.2 +1.9
8. 7 BELT. NEUVILLE BELN. GILSOUL Hyundai Motorsport M RC1 1:51.2 +0.7 +2.6
9. 8 ESPD. SORDO ESPM. MARTI Hyundai Motorsport M RC1 1:51.6 +0.4 +3.0
10. 6 ESTO. TANAK ESTR. MOLDER M-Sport World Rally team M RC1 1:52.5 +0.9 +3.9
11. 20 NZLH. PADDON NZLJ. KENNARD Hyundai Motorsport N T RC1 1:52.6 +0.1 +4.0
12. 32 FRAS. LEFEBVRE BELS. PREVOT PH-Sport WRC2 RC2 1:53.4 +0.8 +4.8
14. 5 GBRE. EVANS GBRD. BARRITT M-Sport World Rally Team M RC1 1:53.5 +0.1 +4.9
15. 15 FINJ. HANNINEN FINT. TUOMINEN Juho Hanninen RC1 1:53.6 +0.1 +5.0
16. 37 ITAL. BERTELLI ITAL. GRANAI FWRT srl T RC1 1:53.9 +0.3 +5.3
17. 39 UKRY. PROTASOV UKRP. CHEREPIN Yurii Protasov WRC2 RC2 1:54.7 +0.8 +6.1
18. 42 FINE. LAPPI FINJ. FERM Skoda Motorsport WRC2 RC2 1:55.0 +0.3 +6.4
19. 38 FINJ. NIKARA FINK. LINDSTROM Drive DMACK WRC2 RC2 1:55.2 +0.2 +6.6
20. 40 SWEP. TIDEMAND SWEE. AXELSSON Skoda Motorsport WRC2 RC2 1:55.4 +0.2 +6.8
21. 44 IRLC. BREEN GBRS. MARTIN Sainteloc Junior Team WRC2 RC2 1:57.1 +1.7 +8.5
22. 74 AUSS. PEDDER AUSD. MOSCATT Scott Pedder WRC2 RC2 1:57.1 +0.0 +8.5
23. 34 FRAQ. GIORDANO FRAV. SARREAUD Quentin Giordano WRC2 RC2 1:57.6 +0.5 +9.0
24. 48 SWEF. AHLIN NORM. ABRAHMSEM Fredrik Ahlin WRC2 RC2 1:58.7 +1.1 +10.1
25. 70 NORA. GRONDAL NORR. EILERTSEN Anders Grondal WRC2 RC2 1:58.7 +0.0 +10.1
26. 50 ESTS. PARN GBRJ. MORGAN Drive DMACK 2 WRC2 RC2 1:58.8 +0.1 +10.2
27. 76 FINJ. VAINIONPAA FINM. JUNTUNEN Eurolamp World Rally Team WRC2 RC2 1:59.2 +0.4 +10.6
28. 47 FRAE. CAMILLI FRAB. VEILLAS Team Oreca WRC2 RC2 1:59.3 +0.1 +10.7
29. 71 RUSR. SHAYMIEV RUSM. TSVETKOV TAIF Rally Team WRC2 RC2 1:59.5 +0.2 +10.9
30. 73 SVKM. KOCI CZEL. KOSTKA Peugeot Sport Slovakia WRC2 RC2 1:59.6 +0.1 +11.0
31. 12 UAEK. AL QASSIMI GBRC. PATTERSON Citroën Total Abu Dhabi World Rally Team RC1 2:00.5 +0.9 +11.9
32. 41 PERN. FUCHS ARGF. MUSSANO Nicolas Fuchs Sierlecki WRC2 RC2 2:00.5 +0.0 +11.9
33. 43 UKRV. GORBAN UKRV. KORSIA Eurolamp World Rally Team WRC2 RC2 2:00.7 +0.2 +12.1
34. 72 ARGJ. ALONSO ARGJ. MONASTEROLO Juan Carlos Alonso WRC2 RC2 2:02.3 +1.6 +13.7
35. 82 NLDK. BURGER FINM. TEISKONEN Kees Burger RC2 2:02.6 +0.3 +14.0
36. 100 RUSS. REMENNIK RUSM. ROZIN Sergei Remennik RC2 2:02.8 +0.2 +14.2
37. 84 FINM. KOSKELO FINR. PIETILAINEN Matti Koskelo RC2 2:03.0 +0.2 +14.4
38. 86 RUSI. BULANTSEV RUSM. DANILOVA Igor Bulantsev RC2 2:03.2 +0.2 +14.6
39. 60 FRAQ. GILBERT BELR. JAMOUL Quentin Gilbert WRC3 RC3 2:03.3 +0.1 +14.7
40. 33 ITAM. RENDINA ITAE. INGLESI Motorsport Italia srl WRC2 RC2 2:03.6 +0.3 +15.0
41. 58 FRAT. FOLB FRAF. LE FLOCH Terry Folb WRC3 RC3 2:03.9 +0.3 +15.3
42. 62 FINH. HAAPAMAKI FINM. SALMINEN Hannu's Rally Team WRC3 RC3 2:04.7 +0.8 +16.1
43. 52 ITAS. TEMPESTINI ITAM. CHIARCOSSI Simone Tempestini WRC3 RC3 2:04.9 +0.2 +16.3
44. 81 FINK. KIVINIEMI FINM. KANGAS Kristian Kiviniemi RC2 2:04.9 +0.0 +16.3
45. 83 FINJ. ERONEN FINV. MAKELA Janne Eronen RC2 2:05.5 +0.6 +16.9
46. 77 FINT. SUNINEN FINM. MARKKULA Team Oreca WRC3 RC3 2:06.1 +0.6 +17.5
47. 54 IRLD. MC KENNA IRLA. GRENNAN Daniel Mc Kenna WRC3 RC3 2:06.9 +0.8 +18.3
48. 65 FRAP. LOUBET FRAV. BELLOTTO Pierre-Louis Loubet WRC3 RC3 2:06.9 +0.0 +18.3
49. 85 FINJ. VIRTANEN FINR. HAMALAINEN Jouni Virtanen RC2 2:06.9 +0.0 +18.3
50. 99 FINM. RAINAMO FINJ. VIHTALAHTI Markku Rainamo RC2 2:07.0 +0.1 +18.4
51. 66 FRAJ. PERRY FRAJ. REIBEL Jean-Rene Perry WRC3 RC3 2:07.1 +0.1 +18.5
52. 49 FRAA. FOULON FINM. LUKKA Alain Foulon WRC2 RC2 2:07.2 +0.1 +18.6
53. 68 FRAM. MARGAILLAN FRAM. MARGAILLAN Matthieu Margaillan WRC3 RC3 2:07.3 +0.1 +18.7
54. 106 BELG. DE MEVIUS BELJ. JALET Ghislain De Mevius RC4 2:07.7 +0.4 +19.1
55. 75 ITAG. LINARI ITAN. ARENA Gianluca Linari WRC2 RC2 2:07.9 +0.2 +19.3
56. 79 ITAF. ANDOLFI ITAS. SCATTOLIN ACI Team Italia WRC3 RC4 2:08.0 +0.1 +19.4
57. 90 FINE. PIETARINEN FINJ. JAUHIAINEN Eerik Pietarinen RC4 2:08.2 +0.2 +19.6
58. 53 NORO. VEIBY NORA. JAEGER Printsport WRC3 RC3 2:08.3 +0.1 +19.7
59. 88 FINT. LARIO FINS. RYYNANEN Taisko Lario RC4 2:08.5 +0.2 +19.9
60. 78 ITAD. DE TOMMASO ITAM. BOSI ACI Team Italia WRC3 RC4 2:08.6 +0.1 +20.0
61. 63 CHEF. DELLA CASA ITAD. POZZI Federico Della Casa WRC3 RC3 2:09.1 +0.5 +20.5
62. 97 FINI. RAJAMAKI FINJ. TARVAINEN Ismo Rajamaki RC4 2:09.1 +0.0 +20.5
63. 96 FINK. HYTONEN FINA. HERRANEN Kari Hytönen RC4 2:09.5 +0.4 +20.9
64. 103 FINM. VATANEN FRAJ. RENUCCI Max Vatanen RC4 2:09.9 +0.4 +21.3
65. 102 NORM. AASEN NORV. ENGAN Marius Aasen RC4 2:10.0 +0.1 +21.4
66. 92 POLH. PTASZEK POLK. KOZDRON Hubert Ptaszek RC4 2:10.2 +0.2 +21.6
67. 93 ITAF. FRISIERO ITAG. AGNESE Fabio Frisiero RC2 2:10.9 +0.7 +22.3
68. 87 FINV. MARTTINEN FINT. HANTUNEN Ville-Markus Marttinen RC4 2:11.0 +0.1 +22.4
69. 101 GBRT. CAVE GBRC. PARRY Tom Cave RC4 2:11.4 +0.4 +22.8
70. 89 FINJ. BERG FINR. SUORSA Jarmo Berg RC4 2:11.9 +0.5 +23.3
71. 114 GBRG. GREENSMITH GBRE. EDMONSON Gus Greensmith RC4 2:12.2 +0.3 +23.6
72. 69 FINJ. HUTTUNEN FINA. LINNAKETO AKK Sports Team Finland WRC3 RC3 2:13.6 +1.4 +25.0
73. 112 USAW. HUDSON ITAA. GELSOMINO William Hudson RC4 2:14.0 +0.4 +25.4
74. 91 ESTK. KELEMENT ESTT. KASESALU Kristen Kelement RC4 2:14.0 +0.0 +25.4
75. 55 UAEM. AL MUTAWAA GBRS. MC AULEY Abu Dhabi Racing WRC3 RC3 2:14.3 +0.3 +25.7
76. 108 ITAE. BRESOLIN ITAR. POLLET E2 - Tre Colli World Rally Team RC4 2:14.8 +0.5 +26.2
77. 111 NLDK. VAN DEIJNE NLDH. VERSCHUUREN Kevin Van Deijne RC4 2:15.0 +0.2 +26.4
78. 109 LBNN. AMIOUNI LBNJ. MATAR Nicolas Amiouni RC4 2:16.2 +1.2 +27.6
79. 115 ITAF. DE SANCTIS ITAG. LAROSA Fabrizio De Sanctis RC2 2:17.7 +1.5 +29.1
80. 94 ITAG. SANTI ITAF. CARRUGI Giuseppe Santi RC2 2:19.8 +2.1 +31.2
81. 98 FINR. KAISANLAHTI FINJ. KUMPUMAKI Raimo Kaisanlahti RC4 2:20.5 +0.7 +31.9
82. 116 FINS. JUUSONEN FINJ. TALSO Sami Juusonen RC5 2:24.6 +4.1 +36.0
83. 95 ITAD. PELLEGRINESCHI ITAA. CHECCI Daniele Pellergrineschi RC3 2:32.7 +8.1 +44.1
84. 107 NLDM. VAN DEN BRAND BELM. WYDAEGHE Mats van den Brand RC4 12:07.7 +9:35.0 +10:19.1





Wind: 4 km/h